Clogged Sinuses? Try This Easy 3 Step Technique To Feel Better

The human sinus is a system of hollow cavities all connected within the skull. Most of them a fairly small, with the exception of the cavity that runs along the cheekbones called the maxillary sinus. Anyone who has suffered from clogged sinuses or even a sinus infection knows the incredible amount of pressure it can cause; the entire skull can feel like it’s pounding underneath the surface.

Doctors and experts have come up with a number of innovative ways to clear the sinus cavities, including squirt bottles that blast saline solution up one nostril and flush whatever is causing the clog out the other side. Although it’s a pretty uncomfortable process, it’s also pretty effective.

However, there might be an easier way to clear out sinus congestion for those who can’t stand the pressure, and don’t want to shoot saltwater up their noses.

This technique is simple, and is only comprised of three easy steps. Here’s how to clear out your sinuses immediately:

Sit down and position the head and body at a 45-degree angle. While turning the head sideways, begin massaging the sternocleidomastoid muscle in downwards five times. The sternocleidomastoid muscle is positioned just below the ears, running down the neck perpendicular to the collar bone. Perform this process on both sides of the neck. The purpose of this massage is to relax the neck and prepare the body for the three-step process.

Step 1:

Now, using the index fingers, find the hard and boney part of the nose. Typically, it runs about halfway down the length of the nose starting from the bridge between your eyebrows. Next, find where this part of the nose ends and turns in to a softer area made up of cartilage. In a circular motion, massage the area between the boney part of the nose and the soft part firmly for about 20 to 30 seconds. After you’ve finished, massage the muscles that run down the side of your nose toward the cheekbones in order to relax the area.

Step 2:

Using the index fingers again, locate the bones above each eye. In the center of this bone, there is a notch directly above the center of each eyeball. Massage this notch in a circular motion with a firm pressure for another 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 3:

Lastly, use both hands to locate the center of the forehead. Continuing to perform a circular motion, slowly massage outward until you reach your temples.

You should feel immediately relief after performing this three-step process, along with the preliminary neck massage. You might find that slight variations work better for you during the process, and you’ll need to adjust accordingly in order for the steps to work best for you. Keep in mind that the process might need to be repeated.