This fitness trainer put on weight to understand his clients…and then got into shape once more

Drew Manning, a personal fitness trainer, has never had a weight problem. Having played sport from a young age, he’s been pretty much been in shape all his life. When one of his overweight clients told him that there was no way he could understand what it meant to be in an unhealthy body, Drew realised that he needed to experience it himself.

He worked out a twelve-month programme, divided into two parts. During the first part, he would deliberately gain weight, whilst in the following six months he would lose it and get himself back into shape exactly as he had been. He uploaded evidence of his progress online every single week.

Here’s what happened. We think this guy is a true inspiration!

Weeks 1-4

Right from the start, Drew began eating lots of high-calorie fast food. At first, nothing much happened, but then he began to gain weight.

Weeks 4-8

Weeks 8-12

Weeks 12-16

Weeks 16-20

Weeks 20-24

By this stage, Drew had gained 32 kilogrammes, weighing 120 kg overall.

Weeks 24-28

After 28 weeks, Drew began to exercise regularly once more, and to eat properly.

Weeks 28-32

Weeks 32-36

Weeks 36-40

Weeks 40-44

Weeks 44-48

Weeks 48-52

By the end of his experiment, Drew had got completely back into shape — and even lost a bit more weight. He shows us all that absolutely nothing is impossible!

“We see the success stories of people losing all this weight, but it’s more common now,” he says. “To see someone do it in reverse on purpose — it’s mind blowing. A balance of craziness and inspiration.”