How To Use Watermelon As a Medicine

Watermelon contain 92 % water, this fruit is ideal for refreshing, refueling and recovering. l will help you to  find out the variety of watermelon uses, which will change your life.


You can use watermelon as a medicine in this cases:

1.Kidney stones: make watermelon seed tea by pouring a pint of boiling water over a tablespoonful of watermelon seeds (ground or cut) and allow it to steep.  Let it cool, then strain and drink three glasses per day.

2.Liver Cleanse- If you drink four glasses of watermelon juice a day, it will help you cleanse the water material called ammonia from your liver. Therefore you will get rid of the unhealthy clogs through your urine.

3.Cardiovascular Health-If you include all age groups, heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. Watermelon, thankfully, has a great solution – a healthy dose of citrulline which is great news for your heart. The highest concentration of this amino acid can be found in the white rind surrounding the flesh of the fruit, so don’t throw this part away!

4.Constipation: Eat a slice of watermelon to help restore the colon and intestines. It’s all about high water content and fiber, and within a short time the body seems to go into the elimination process moving the waste out. Don’t consume too much watermelon otherwise it can cause diarrhea.

5.Keeping you Fighting Fit-Watermelon can help you not only treat a variety of ailments but to actively prevent them before they develop to dangerous levels. By feeding your body on a variety of minerals and vitamins, including those found in watermelons, you are giving it a wonderful base from which it can grow and develop healthily and happily.

6.Diabetes– The low content of sugar in the watermelon will satisfy your sugar cravings and at the same time it will help your deal with diabetes easier.

7.Skin: Watermelon is also great for your skin because it contains vitamin A which is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair.

Eat watermelon and be happy.