5 Body Weight Exercises for Women to Lose Belly Fat


It can be difficult for busy women to incorporate effective exercise and training regimes into everyday life. There are times when things are so hectic that it is tempting to give up on a new fitness plan before it has even really had a chance to get started. Fortunately, body weight exercises are simple, easy to perform, and can be carried out without the need for equipment. This is a guide to the five best body weight exercises for women to lose fat with.

1. Spiderman Push Up


The Move – this is one of the most effective body weight exercises for busy women, because it requires no extra equipment and does not need a lot of space, but it challenges the upper body, core, and lower body. Plus, the need for good balance makes repetitions a pleasing strain on areas which need a little work.

The Technique – move into a push up stance, with your hands positioned a little further apart than your shoulders. Now, bend your arms as if you were doing a regular push up, but bend one leg out to the side as well. The trick is to make your right leg connect with your left elbow, and vice versa.

2. Burpee


The Move – the burpee is a body weight exercise which lots of women shy away from, because it can be a real strain on the muscles. Yet, is this not the point of body weight exercises? If you are looking to maximize the effectiveness of your training regime, burpee are a great way to challenge the whole length of the body. However, they are difficult to perform and are only suitable for women who have a suitable degree of experience with body weight training.

The Technique – move into a low squat stance, with your hands on the floor. You need to follow this up with a quick transition into a push up stance. The best way to do this is to rapidly kick your feet backwards, but with enough control to remain stable. Now, bring your feet back close to your hands, and extend out into a star jump position.

3. Bodyweight Squat


The Move – it is tempting to disregard the basic squat as a largely limited motion, which only trains the lower body, but this is not the case. It actually challenges the core and targets some of the most important muscles in the body. For example, the glutes are given a workout with squats, and the move actually offers a better calorie burn than a lot of other exercises.

The Technique – position yourself with your feet shoulder width apart, and bend your body into a basic squat stance. You should hold the stance once your thighs are parallel to the floor, and then perform pulse tenses. A total of around ten pulses per repetition is recommended.

4.  Forward Lunge


The Move – the lunge stance is great for really challenging the muscles, and you will get a distinct tightness in your limbs after performing them. It puts a strain on the quads, and if you add a little kickback extension, you will also end up tightening the muscles in the buttocks.

The Technique – position your body with your right foot forward, and bend your legs into a 90 degree angle. So, your left knee should be positioned a couple of inches off the floor. Now, push through the right foot, but rather than planting, lift your limb as high as possible behind your body.

5. Basic Pull Up


The Move – the pull up is thought of as quite a tricky move, and it can be hard to pull off successfully. However, correctly performed pull ups are a worthwhile body exercise. If done right, they result in over 90% of the body being lifted, which is no mean feat. If you utilise a wide grasp, you will be working the biggest muscle in the upper body.

The Technique – grasp your pull up bar, and either bend your knees with crossed ankles or leave them extended over the ground. You should try to keep your body still, as you bend your arms and pull it upwards towards the bar. For most, the move is complete when the chin is lifted above the bar.