Simple and Sinister Kettlebell and Calisthenics Workout

In a previous post I detailed my morning routine and provided a workout with a lot of kettlebell work. Since completing my weight loss cycle and losing 15 pounds in 2.5 months, I’ve switched up my eating habits as well as my workout.


I call the following workout the ‘Simple and Sinister Kettlebell and Calisthenics Workout’ as it’s created from exercises detailed in two books: Kettlebell Simple and Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline and Explosive Calisthenics by Paul Wade.

The Workout

I’m currently doing this workout 6 times per week. On my “rest day” I put a 35 pound kettlebell in my backpack and go for a 1.5 hour ruck. What is rucking? It means, “to put weight on your back and go for a walk.”

Unless otherwise noted, all exercises below are in the format of sets x reps. Also, each heading shows how long I spend in each section of the training session. Your time will vary based on weight you’re using as well as fitness level.

A few other notes before we get started:

  • I’ve updated the order of the exercises to make things more efficient. Now, all of the exercises you do standing are grouped together, as are the ones you do on the floor.
  • I’ve moved the kettlebell work to right after the warm-up. This ensures I’m doing the main strength portion while I’m at peak energy.
  • I am not giving any specific direction on how much weight to use. Pavel has guidance in his book on what weight to start with and when to progress. I will say this: don’t start too heavy and get injured. I started using a 20 pound kettlebell and am now using the 50 pounder. It’s taken a number of months to get there.

With that said let’s get to it!

Warm-up (12–15)

  • Shoulder warm-up
    • Large arm circles: 10/arm/direction
    • Low circles: 10/arm/direction
    • High circles: 10/arm/direction
    • FB Chest Stretch Claps: 20
  • Hands up stretch
  • Forward, back and side to side bend
  • 3 circuits of
    • Prying goblet squat: 5
    • Halos: 5/direction
    • Hip Bridge: 5

Kettlebell (15–20)

  • One-handed swings: 5×10
  • Turkish get ups: 5×1

Calisthenics (10–15)

  • Straight Hop: 2×3
  • Incline Pop-Up: 2×3
  • Kip-Up: 2×3
  • Shoulder Roll: 2×3
  • Rear Shoulder Roll: 2×3

Abs (10)

  • Lying single leg raise: 3×15
  • Plank: 1×1 minute
  • Side plank: 1×1 minute

Cool Down (5–8)

  • 90/90 Stretch
  • QL Straddle
  • Seated twist
  • Forward, back and side to side bend
  • Hip flexors stretch